Corona restrictions opening hours at Copenhagen LGBT+  nigtlife and bar scene – Updated June 24, 2020

Because of restrictions due to coronavirus/covid19, special opening hours may be in effect. Certain businesses may even still be temporary closed. The list will constantly be updated, please also check out the current opening hours at websites and facebook sites.
Aids FondetVestergade 18 E, Copenhagen KMon-Fri 10:00-14:00
Amigo SaunaStudiestræde 31, Copenhagen KReopens July 20
Body BioKingosgade 7, Kld., Copenhagen VReopens June 29
Cafe IntimeAllegade 25, FrederiksbergTemporary closed
Cafe TroldVesterbrogade 53, Copenhagen V08:00-00:00
CentralhjørnetKattesundet 18, Copenhagen K12:00-00:00
Copenhagen 2021H.C. Andersens Boulevard 27, Copenhagen VMon-Fri 10:00-16:00
Cosy BarStudiestræde 24, Copenhagen KTemporary closed
G*A*Y CopenhagenVester Voldgade 10, Copenhagen VTemporary closed
HomowareLarsbjørns Stræde 11 kld., Copenhagen K12:00-20:00
Jailhouse CPHStudiestræde 12, Copenhagen K15:00-00:00
Kafe KnudSkindergade 21, Copenhagen KTemporary closed
KissKissStudiestræde 41, Copenhagen K?
LGBT DanmarkVestergade 18 E, 4 floor, Copenhagen K09:00-17:00
Masken BarStudiestræde 33, Copenhagen K14:00-00:00
Mens BarTeglgårdstræde 3, Copenhagen K14:00-00:00
Never MindNørre Voldgade 2, Copenhagen KTemporary closed
Oscar bar cafeRegnbuepladsen, Copenhagen V10:00-23:00
Restaurant 1733Nybrogade 14, Copenhagen K11:30-21:00
SLM-KøbenhavnLavendelstræde 17,  Copenhagen K19:00-23:00 Friday/Saturday – for A-menbers only
TuristinformationVesterbrogade 4 A, Copenhagen V09:00-16:00 (15:00)
Vela Gay ClubVictoriagade 2-4, Copenhagen VTemporary closed